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March meeting was packed!

We had a great time at the March meeting when we had the highest attendance figures since moving to hybrid meetings. Thanks to everyone who came along and a warm welcome to the people attending their first meeting!

We were joined by author Oliver Seligman who shared his personal journey of living with Bipolar: the stigma/self stigma he faced particularly in the beginning, the extreme highs and lows, and the important role close friends and family play in his life.

Oliver gives credit to meditation and the mindful practices he uses to stay well and on track along with medication. Oliver pointed out that meditation didn't suit everyone living with bipolar particular at times of instability. He also highlighted the importance of speaking to a psychiatrist before making any changes to medication.

We could all relate to different parts of Oliver's inspirational journey and really appreciated his honesty particularly when answering our questions after the talk. Oliver is happy to receive questions via email:

Oliver kindly donated a few copies of his most recent book Befriending Bipolar to the group library and you will find a review of the book on our website.

Befriending Bipolar is available to buy on Amazon along with Oliver's first book, 'The Broker who Broke Free' which is an account of the challenges he faced at the start of his journey.


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