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Comfort agreement

  • The meeting starts at 7pm, please arrive by 7.10pm for the beginning of the talk or discussion.  

• Please find a quiet comfortable space before joining us and make sure that your mobile is on silent.

• Confidentiality – Privacy and confidentiality are paramount – please don’t take pictures or record the group meeting and do not share private or personal matters outside the Group.


• Respect for self and others - everyone has the right to talk calmly and be listened to respectfully without judgement, no swearing please. No pressure to speak.

• One person speaking at a time, please put yourself on mute during the talk unless invited to contribute by the speaker. Speakers come along in their own time, please strive to keep comments and questions relevant.

• Please don’t be offended if we need to move the discussion on due to time constraints.

• Please consider that we may all be at various stages of wellness so please try to give advance warning when discussing sensitive issues which may trigger others.

• It is fine to take time out or leave the meeting early but please let us know if you would like to chat with a facilitator. 

• Please feel free to stay for a chat after the talk, the meeting finishes at 8.30pm        

Housekeeping at The Melting Pot venue

• Toilets – bottom of the steps at back right-hand side of meeting room.


• Fire Safety - No fire alarms planned.


• Fire Exits: Front door, right hand side of kitchen, board room & next to toilets.


• Assembly point: car park up the hill (turn right when exiting the front door).


• Library – Must attend two meetings before you borrow a book, leave contact details on sign-out sheet (email address/phone number) and return books within two months.


• Smoking or vaping outside the building - away from the front door.  

Thank you.

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