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Bipolar UK: join a bipolar research community, online at The National Centre for Mental Health

Can you help us make bipolar research a priority by taking part in a study and joining our research community? All we need is 15 minutes of your time.

If you attended our annual conference on 30 March, you may have heard how delighted we are to launch an exciting collaboration with the National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH) to help bring people with bipolar into a new research network to improve understanding of the condition, including its causes, triggers and self-management strategies.

It’s shocking how little research into bipolar currently takes place. One of the obstacles is the absence of research registries where individuals sign up if they’re willing to take part in future research projects.

There are registries for physical health conditions like cancer or diabetes, but they’re uncommon for mental health conditions like bipolar. This means researchers are missing a crucial resource that could facilitate future bipolar research.

If you’re reading this and have lived experience of bipolar, please join us in making a difference. By signing up for this current study and enrolling on the NCMH/Bipolar UK registry, you'll enable us to build up a research community and reach out to you when relevant research opportunities come up – which you’ll be able to accept or decline.

The plan is for this dedicated bipolar research registry eventually to be linked to other registries across the world. This would take bipolar research to a whole new level!

The more people who sign up for this study now, the stronger our case will be for bringing in funding and resources to create a 'UK-wide bipolar Research Registry'. Please help us if you can.

The registration process is straightforward and takes approximately 10-15 minutes online. All you need to do is provide basic information.

Your participation will contribute to the formation of a vital network that has unlimited potential for improving the quality of life for people with bipolar.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

Dr Tania Gergel

Director of Research, Bipolar UK

"As someone who's both living with and leading research into bipolar, I cannot understand how so little research is devoted to a condition estimated to affect at least 1-2% of the world population.

"To improve outcomes for bipolar we urgently need more research which addresses the needs of the bipolar community. Please join us in taking a step towards achieving this aim."


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