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The Book of Hope: 101 Voices on Overcoming Adversity

Jonny Benjamin, Britt Pflüger

The Book of Hope: 101 Voices on Overcoming Adversity


As the title suggests, 101 contributors from all walks of life including writers, athletes, psychologists and activists, share their experiences and describe how hope has helped them manage and in some instances, overcome adversity.

Split into eleven helpful sections, beginning with Always Hope and followed by Acceptance, Peace, Tool Kits, Compassion, Courage, The Right Words, Inspiration, Resilience, Kindness and Connection, this 400 page book is full of warm words, insight and valuable advice.

Some of the Book of Hope contributors, including Steve Gilbert, Charlotte Walker and Eleanor Segall have bipolar and they share their experiences in the acceptance section. Eleanor Segall is an eloquent writer and she describes that ‘you will feel the sun and smell the rain again, even after suicidal depressions when you lay in bed wanting to disappear. You will travel to countries you have dreamed of and bipolar disorder won’t stop you being you.”

Invaluable advice is found in all sections, acknowledging that life is challenging and it’s vital to have self compassion. As Benna Waites writes in the Tool Kits section, ‘please go gently on yourself and when you’re ready, try to be open to new experiences and to connect with others.’

Warning: the Courage section is potentially triggering and deals with the suicide of loved ones

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