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Research Opportunity: needs of Older Adults with Bipolar Disorder.

Participants for PhD Study required.

Study title:

What are the changing care needs of older adults with bipolar disorder in later life?

Criteria for participants:

  • Are you aged 60 or over?

  • Have you received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder from a healthcare professional

  • Have you experienced living with bipolar disorder for 10 years or more?

If so, you may be interested in participating in a study being carried out by Aaron Warner, a PhD student at Lancaster University.

The aim of this study is to better understand the changing care needs of older adults with bipolar disorder in later life. It is hoped that learning more about this can improve our understanding of how best to support older adults with bipolar disorder and provide more effective care.

People who participate in this study will be asked to complete an interview with the researcher in which they discuss living with bipolar disorder from the time they first received a formal diagnosis or had their first experience of bipolar disorder symptoms up until the present day. The interviews usually last 60-90 minutes and participants will receive £20 of vouchers following it.

To find out more about this study please see Participant Information Sheet or contact Aaron Warner by email:

Many thanks!


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