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Edinburgh Leisure Community Access Programme

Bipolar Edinburgh as an ELCAP partner organisation has recently resumed discounted group sessions: keep an eye on the calendar for details.

Two middle aged people sitting by the edge of a swimming pool

Phil Trodden who runs the Edinburgh Leisure Community Access Programme gave an entertaining and informative presentation to April's group.

Bipolar Edinburgh's popular "Swim, gym and coffee" sessions were suspended for a time while the Community Access Programme was recalibrated but will soon be up and running again.


Edinburgh Leisure is a charity on a mission to help people lead healthier, happier, more active lives.

·       50 sport, leisure and school venues in Edinburgh

·       6 golf courses

·       750 fitness classes per week

·       Over 5 million visitors per year.

·       800 referrals each month


Active Communities

Using physical activity and sports to improve the health and well-being of those in need, including individuals with long-term physical and mental health conditions, weight management, and active ageing.


Community Access Programme

The card allows access to low-cost entry at Edinburgh Leisure venues throughout the city for 12 months.

Discounted access is available seven days a week until 4:00 p.m. on pay-as-you-go, so you only pay when you use it.



  • Gym or Swim: £1 up until 4pm and from 8pm until closing.

  • Fitness classes: £1

  • Badminton/Squash/Table Tennis Court: £2 per booking

  • Tennis Courts (indoors/outdoors): £4 per booking

  • Football pitches: £10

  • Social Sport classes e.g walking football, netball or basketball: £1

  • Running track access: £1


It is wise to book fitness classes  or racquet sports in advance by phone or via the Edinburgh Leisure APP.



What does Bipolar Edinburgh offer?


Bipolar Edinburgh is a partner organisation. We currently have five volunteer facilitators who will be hosting swim, gym and coffee sessions throughout the year. The volunteers can bring up to five people along to each session to access the reduced-price list above. Registration will be via the website calendar as always.


Volunteer facilitators can refer group members for an individual CAP card after they have attended two sessions. The card allows the same discounted access, is valid for 12 months and individuals can only be referred once.



Other Ways to be active with Edinburgh Leisure


Get Active classes have been specially designed to encourage people to be active in a fun and enjoyable environment. These low-level classes are great starting place for participants who have been inactive or are looking for a gentle entry back into being active:

  • Active Sit

  • Strength & Balance

  • Strength & Cardio 

  • Seated Yoga

  • Active Dance

  • Active Cycle



For the over 50’s …


Edinburgh Leisure and NHS Lothian's Ageing Well Project offers subsidised city-wide fun activities that encourage active living and socialisation for older adults.


  • Allotment

  • Board games

  • Buddy Swimming

  • Camera Group

  • Chair-based Exercise

  • Cycle Skills

  • Dancing

  • Indoor Kurling (no ice involved!)

  • Nordic Walking

  • Singing

  • Walking

For the Lothians

There are similar discounted entry schemes that you may be eligible for as follows:


Phil’s Top Tips


1.     You don’t need to have a certain level of fitness to start.

2.     Find something you really enjoy that will keep you motivated.

3.     A little is good, more is better but doing something is better than nothing…

4.     The Gym Team are happy to help so don’t be afraid to ask.

Thank you Phil for a great presentation and don't forget to keep your eye on the calendar as Bipolar Edinburgh activities are announced.


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