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Book Review - Bipolar Disorder for Dummies

Bipolar Disorder for dummies - 4th edition


bipolar disorder for dummies book

The 4th edition of Bipolar Disorder for dummies is a useful tool, not only for those suffering from bipolar but it also acts as an excellent guide for loved ones.

Though mental health professionals are better equipped than ever to treat bipolar disorder, studies reveal that the more involved patients and their loved ones are in the treatment plan, the better the outcome. The goal of the book is to make the reader a well informed patient or support person and to empower them to become a key player on the treatment team.

Bipolar Disorder for dummies is split into seven different sections, incorporating twenty three chapters. The sections range from getting started on your bipolar journey to obtaining a diagnosis and moves through to medication and developing essential survival skills. It also looks at dealing with the fallout from an episode and explores whether returning to work is an option and how to overcome financial setbacks.

This comprehensive guide also offers advice on assisting a friend or relative with bipolar disorder and dealing with crisis situations. What Bipolar Disorder for dummies also covers, which I have rarely seen in other books on bipolar, is supporting your bipolar child or teen and how to distinguish between what could be ADHD or bipolar.


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