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And the winner of the Self-management Champion of the Year 2023 is...

Our very own Chair Michelle wins the Alliance's Self Management Champion of the Year Award

Well the Health and Social Care world's equivalent to the Oscars were held in September.

The equivalent of the “Academy” (as those in the biz like to call it) in the Health and Social care world is called the “Alliance”. (Its formal name is actually “Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland”) and winning an award from them is a pretty big deal.

The ceremony was hosted by Laura Boyd and attended by Gillian Mackay MSP and Jenni Minto MSP, Minister for Public Health and Women’s Health, and included speeches from the MSPs along with Darren Crocker, Winner of Self Management Champion of the Year 2022, and Sara Redmond, Chief Officer of Development at the ALLIANCE.

So we were all thrilled when Michelle won the coveted Self Management Champion of the Year 2023 Award. Michelle was nominated for the award by Volunteer Edinburgh!

In the words of the Alliance:

"Michelle is an incredible human. Very unassuming and quietly strong. She encourages, supports, and empowers those around her. Despite a lifetime of significant physical, social, and emotional challenges she has dedicated her life to helping others learn to self-manage and believe in themselves and their unique qualities. Michelle has volunteered every week for the last 25 years. Accruing over 12,000 hours of volunteering most of which have been focussed on helping to encourage and inspire others to self manage and spread the self management message."

All those that know Michelle will agree wholeheartedly!

To read the full article, please click through to:

Congratulations Michelle - well deserved!!!


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