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4 June 2020

The Rabbit Listened

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The Rabbit Listened


The Rabbit Listened is an empathetic and lovely children’s book. Written by Cori Doerrfeld, it is a treat from start to finish. The moving front cover shows a small child, gender unspecified, cuddling and being cuddled by a rabbit.

Taylor is the book’s main character. He or she likes to spend time building intricate brick towers. Then disaster strikes! This paves the way for many animal friends to suggest how Taylor should deal with the situation. However, advice is not what Taylor needs or wants.

Finally, it is Rabbit who is able to provide Taylor with comfort and help.

Through the use of repetitive text and simple language, The Rabbit Listened brilliantly explains that sometimes a situation doesn’t require words or instant action. The book teaches both young and old readers about the importance of empathy – of providing a presence and an ear. By simply being there and listening, you can help a loved one to feel better, and that by giving someone the space and support to empower themselves, they will come up with the best solution.

The Rabbit Listened is a great book to read with young children of any age.

Cori Doerrfeld
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