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Bipolar research for adults aged 60+

Researchers are creating a new measure of recovery to increase our understanding of people aged 60+ and their experiences of bipolar. Please see a note from researcher Jen Matthewson:

'My name is Jen and I am a trainee clinical psychologist at the University of Manchester. I have worked clinically in psychology services for nearly 10 years and have had a number of different research roles. I am now specialising in the support and treatment of people in later life who are experiencing mental health difficulties. The research team hopes that this research will support psychology interventions in services and promote future research into understanding and supporting people aged 60+ with Bipolar.   

Anyone interested in taking part in this study will be asked to complete a short interview on their experiences of bipolar and fill in some quick questionnaires. We will then ask everyone to complete one short measure again four weeks later. This should take about 2 hours of your time in total.

We are recruiting from across the UK as the study can be completed online or over the phone.

The team are happy to answer questions at any time and can arrange a time to talk that is best for you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us

for further information or to express interest on 07455378071 or email

Your time and support would be much appreciated!'

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