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3 November 2016

The Broker Who Broke Free: Peace is found Within

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The Broker Who Broke Free: Peace is found Within

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what this life is all about? This true story follows Oliver Seligman's journey from stressed-out, money-hungry sales trader to peaceful meditating monk. Oliver thought he had it all. Money, prestige and prospects, the world was at his feet. Yet his mind was running at a hundred miles per hour, he felt empty, and knew that something was missing.

Ignoring his true calling, life smacked him over the head again and again. After several scrapes with death, he went through a profound inner transformation and found what had been missing all along.

Sometimes in our desire for success we forget what is most important to us. If you think creating the perfect life will make you happy, this book will turn your world upside down. You may find that true happiness and meaning is found in the one place you have not yet looked.

Oliver Seligman
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