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1 January 2011

Mood Mapping: Plot Your Way to Emotional Health & Happiness

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Mood Mapping: Plot Your Way to Emotional Health & Happiness

Identify, understand, and lift your mood with this powerful new approach to managing mental health

Mood mapping simply involves plotting one's feelings against one's energy levels, to determine current mood. This book then offers the necessary tools to lift a low mood, so improving mental health and wellbeing. The author developed this technique as a result of her own diagnosis of bipolar disorder, or manic depression, and of overcoming it, which led her to seek ways to improve the mental health of others. This positive book illustrates the five keys to moods, through which readers can learn to identify the physical or emotional factors that affect moods and prevent low mood triggers; the Miller Mood Map, to visually map a mood in order to increase self-awareness; and practical ways to implement change to alleviate low mood. Mood mapping is an essential life skill, and understanding it will enables readers to be happier, calmer, and more positive.

Dr Liz Miller
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